The emptiness


Driving through the dramatic landscapes of Iceland for hours without seeing anyone. We're facing a storm, the wind is blowing and the last rays of sunshine light up the yellow fields around us.

Iceland, land of the myths

Iceland has this mysterious feeling that makes your imagination go crazy. Wandering through the hills, conquering rough landscapes and the total darkness after the sun sets. Makes you wonder what kind of fairies and giants live in this expansive land. 

Ten days

It was dark by the time we reached Reykjavik. We walked a little across town, had a typical late night Icelandic snack (lobster, not shitting you!) and a few beers. When the morning came, we started our 10 day journey.

It was not until our 8th day til we saw the Aurora Borealis. A real surrealistic experience. Imagine a pitch black sky that lights up every now and then by bright green and purples strokes of light.