Diner girl

Did someone say extra fries?!


There lies a challenge underneath each shoot. I met Jaclyn at In-'N-Out Burger at 11AM. My way of thinking: 'who's gonna have fries at that time of the day?' Turned out the place was packed. Read along to know how we created the shots we wanted.

                A photoshoot in the City of Angels.

If you’ve ever been to California, you probably know that not McDonalds, not Burger King but In-‘N-Out burger is the place to be for your weekly burger. 

In the time I spent in Los Angeles I figured that ‘restaurant’ needed to be the decor of one of the shoots I hosted. So I contacted Jaclyn and we met up at 11AM. I didn’t really think about the fact Americans love their burgers and the place was packed by the time Jaclyn arrived. 

We managed to get a table and took a few shots inside. For me the biggest challenge at that point was to create a frame without other (eating) people inside it. 

In- ‘N- Out

After some shots inside, we went to the parking lot. Even the terrace was full with people. I made to decision to photograph Jaclyn really up close. It was quite a challenge, but ended up being really happy with the shots I took. 

Besides, it is fun to work with different people in different settings. Part of personal progress is definitely challenging yourself. Luckily the employees of In-‘N-Out were too busy noticing me and my camera. 😉 


This shoot was part of a personal project of Lenn is More and one of the four photoshoots I did while I was in Los Angeles.