About Lenneke

and lenn is more

''I continue to be drawn to clarity and simplicity. 'Less is more' remains my mantra.'' - Stephane Rolland

'There is so much free information

Out in the open,

Right in our living rooms.'

Hi! I am Lenneke van Hassel. A 26 y/o creative bird wandering around this world with my Canon. I truly believe in the power and emotion a good photo can bring. 

What I do

When I’m not creating mood boards or holding my camera, you’ll find me reading, planning my next trip or running through the streets of my home town Breda.

Did you know I spend hours watching YouTube tutorials to improve my photography and editing skills? There’s so much free information out in the open, right our living rooms. It’s the greatest gift of modern society which I gratefully use.


My mission is to create images that speak. To make you understand without a word. That lights up a fire inside and makes you wonder.. 

I am excited to start this creative process with you, learn about you and create something beautiful together. Ready?!

Favorite Projects